Yesterday I woke up on the right side of the bed. Monday was really frustrating for so many reasons, but yesterday I got up and was determined to have a good, full, productive day. I got a decent night's sleep and felt ready to take on the world. 

My alarm went off at 5:45am for my first session at 6:30am. I got dressed, pulled my breakfast together for the road and stopped at CVS for a few bottles of water before heading to the gym.

I had a 30 minute break between my first and second sessions, so I ate breakfast: a cup of plain Chobani with organic blackberries, half a GFB bar chopped up and about half a serving of PaleoKrunch. And by the way, this GoStak snack container is one of the best things I've purchased this year. No lie. (It comes with four compartments.)

After my last morning session, I got an email from my manager that Gregory's Coffee was offering any size cold brew for $1, one day only. In the words of Cher Horwitz, well, you can guess what happened next. I caught up on email with a large CB and ate half a thinkThin bar before heading back to the gym for my workout.

I stopped at Lululemon first and used a gift card to buy the Festival 2 cross body bag. I got the original version of the bag last year and wore it almost daily, but it doesn't fit my iPad. The new one is almost identical but just slightly larger and fits my iPad perfectly. (Side note: does anyone want the "old" one?! It's SUCH a great bag and in good condition! Seems silly for me to keep both.)

After my workout, I headed home to eat lunch: a chopped salad of baby spinach, deli turkey, garbanzo beans, roasted broccoli, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds. 

Aaaaaand a big serving of Blue Diamond nut thin crackers with a little almond butter and a lot of strawberry jam! Yum.

I spent the afternoon working at the computer and made a smoothie of Slap chocolate protein, frozen banana, almond milk and PB2 around 3:30pm. I drank about half before heading back to the gym (and saved the other half for later).

My plan was to make eggs for dinner since Ben would be out at a work event, but when I asked my last client of the day what she was having for dinner and she said, "Sushi," I decided that's what I wanted too! I was really hungry so I ordered two rolls and a chicken satay appetizer. I ate all of the sushi and half of the chicken.

Craving something sweet, I ate a small bunch of grapes before getting ready for bed. Wednesdays and Fridays are my earliest days (I wake up around 5) which means I try to get to bed earliest on Tuesday and Thursday nights.


5 ways to stay on track with your nutrition goals when your schedule is crazy:

1. Fill a GoStak with fresh or dried berries, nuts, Paleokrunch, etc the night before a long day. All of these foods can be enjoyed on their own or work well as toppings on oatmeal or yogurt.

2. Speaking of oatmeal, keep a few cups (I like Glutenfreeda or thinkThin) or packets (make sure you also have access to a bowl and spoon) in your desk or locker at work. If your office has a heated water dispenser, you've got breakfast!

3. Take your smoothie to go either by blending it directly into a cup (I use my Vitamix To Go cup) or pouring it into a cup that's either easy to carry around or disposable (so you can chuck it when you're done if you don't feel like lugging it all over town).

4. Keep a protein bar in your bag/desk drawer/car at all times. Never give yourself a reason to hit the vending machine. My favorite brands are thinkThin (chunky peanut butter) and OhYeah! ONE (birthday cake). I love GFB but they're a bit higher in sugar so I usually eat half at a time in plain yogurt. (They make these great bites too when you just want a little bit of something rather than  a whole bar.)

5. If you're a coffee person who never has the time or energy for breakfast, grab a Blender Bottle and some coffee protein powder (either individual packets, or use the storage compartment). Best of both worlds!


Happy Wellness Wednesday! Thanks for reading. Now go be your brilliant self.