FRIDAY FIVE - #NSALE {7/15/2016}

Growing up in Miami in the 1980s/90s, I knew a thing or two about shopping. I knew Chanel was the fancy brand that Grandma liked. (The day I broke my pretzels into two C shapes during snack time, interlocked them, and said, "Look! I made Chanel!" was a classic story at Beth Am for years. I was 3.) I knew that Mommy had a big job in fashion. (She was the fashion director for Burdines. Anyone remember Burdines?!) When my parents announced we were moving to Dallas in 1998, I cried for days, weeks, months. My mom tried desperately to cheer me up by pointing out the pros of our new city. 

"They have Nordstrom!" she said with conviction.

"What's Nordstrom?" I said.

"Nordstrom is fabulous," she said. 

She was right.

Nordstrom ended up being a go-to for me in the years to come: it's where I bought my first school dance dress; it's where I got my makeup done for countless formals. I love Nordstrom to this day and every time I shop there, I think of her. And I think it's insane that they have this reverse sale each year where they mark down NEW stuff, when everyone else still does it the other way around. Just crazy. Here are my picks...

1. Stuart Weitzman 'Perfection' Bootie My mom did not do heels (Chanel flats only) but she would've loved these for me. The rich color, the little bow... these really are perfect!

2. 7 For All Mankind 'Slim Illusion Luxe' Skinny Jeans I've been wearing 7 since high school and there are few things I love more in my closet than a great pair of dark skinny jeans. Plus, 50% off?! Can't beat it.

3. Burberry 'Leightonbury' Jacket Love the cross between fashion (slim fit, classic nova check lining) and function (hood!!!) here.

4. Gorjana 'Power Stone' Bracelet I think what I love most about this, other than the symbolism behind it (black onyx is said to offer protection and stress relief) is the fact that it comes with two. And I definitely know who I'd give the second one to ;)

5. Nike 'Juvenate' Sneakers Floral print Nikes? No explanation necessary. 

The sale is open now to those of you lucky ducks with Nordstrom credit cards...the rest of us chickens will have to wait until next Friday. Or open a Nordstrom credit card today. Whatevs. Just a thought. A really good one...

Happy Friday!

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