FRIDAY FIVE {8/26/2016}

This week started off on a frustrating note for me but definitely ended on a high one. My bulging disc is getting better, I have several new clients and all in all I'm vowing to have a positive attitude from here on out. One of my neighbors said something very wise to me today that I feel inclined to share with you all: from the womb to the tomb, we're all fighting battles and yet we are all lucky to be here and live each day we get. I see so much negativity out in the world. We all have setbacks, we all have tragedies, and we're all in charge of our own attitudes. I don't know WHY there are people in this world who are intent on being malicious, but I'm not going to waste my time trying to figure it out. Compliment a stranger, smile at everyone you see, and go put a little goodness in the world today. I decided that for the rest of the year I'm going to surprise someone different each week with a Starbucks gift card. Just sent my first one! Here are a few things I'm loving this week...


Guerlain Multi-Perfecting Concealer These days my highest commodities are sleep and concealer. This one definitely lives up to the name. 

AQUA Cashmere Miami Varsity Sweater My dad got me this! Thanks Dad! I can't wait to wear it when we're 'home' for the holidays this year!

S'Well Grey Malin Teal Ocean Water Bottle Too fab.

Beauty Blender Solid LOVE THIS. The solid bar stays sort of stuck in the container so all I have to do is wet my brushes, rub them against this and rinse them off. So easy!

Gorjana Candice Shimmer Ear Climbers I have a Gorjana gift card and I'm thinking of getting these. I love how they make a statement without hanging. (Drop earrings always get lost in my hair.)


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Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Thanks for reading.