SPOILER ALERT: Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for! And by "we all" I definitely mean Perri. Okay and myself too. But I can't believe Nick Viall is The Bachelor. As a loyal Reality Steve reader, I actually can't believe it. Definitely didn't see it coming, but I'm psyched!

Anywhoodles. Yesterday started with a 5:30 wakeup call. I filled up my water bottle at home. I had four clients in the morning with two 15 minute breaks before and after my 3rd. I had a smoothie with plant protein for breakfast during the first break and answered a few emails during the second.


After my last client of the morning, I stopped into my friend Nancy's office for a chat. She's a Membership Advisor (Equinox members, those are the people who work in the pretty little glass-walled offices) and she's my best friend at work. I also call her my Work Wife because she's just my Ride Or Die, whatever the hell that means. She's it. We sort of have a debrief of life everyday (or, at least every day that we're both in the club, which is most days...). I'm not currently in therapy but this is the closest thing. There's just no veils with her and I and I'm so grateful to have someone at work I can be brutally honest and 1000% myself with. While we were in there a new member popped in to say how grateful she was to have joined. She's going through a really tough time and in the midst of trying to change her life. I assured her she was in the right place and she cried a little. It was a really heart-warming moment. 

Afterward, I had a block of free time and decided to grab coffee and a manicure. I walked in, sat down and chose a color... and then I looked on the wall and saw a NexGen poster. I have been looking for a place to dip powder in NYC for months! So I went for it and I love it. (I got S22 - Maryland.) I'm excited to see how long it lasts...

It took longer than I expected and I had to be back at the club at 2, so I ran home to make lunch around 1. I was expecting to eat leftovers, but I walked in the door and realized that Ben was working from home... and had already eaten 'em! Luckily I keep a base chopped salad in the fridge that I can just add some protein to at any point during the work week, so I chopped up some sliced Applegate ham and a hard boiled egg white. 

I also had a Garden Lites veggie muffin (I love these) with a tablespoon of strawberry jam.

After lunch, I headed back to the club to make some phone calls to prospective clients in the manager's office, but it was crazy busy in there so I decided to go back later this week instead. I head to my Physical Therapy appointment and did a strength workout with my PT after he checked out my back and said it's looking better. (Thank God.) On my walk from PT back to the club, I stopped at Juice Generation for a vegan pumpkin protein muffin. Yea, two muffins in one day. Weird. But this is so delicious with decent macros. I ate half on my walk to Equinox.

I bought a new book on my iPad, (The Perfect Neighbors - I love Sarah Pekkanen's books) and hopped on an elliptical. Ben showed up and got on the machine next to me. We talked a bit and I read a bit for 30 minutes. I walked home, ate the other half of the muffin, and showered before heading back to the club for my last session of the day. I also roasted a bunch of sugar snap peas for dinner. On weekdays when I have evening sessions, Ben and I divide and conquer dinner. I'll usually prep or start something and he'll do the rest before I get home for the night.

Dinner was chicken burgers with Sir Kensington's ketchup, roasted sugar snap peas and sauteed broccoli. 

Dessert was the remainder of my vanilla bean Halo Top with rainbow sprinkles while watching Bachelor in Paradise.

I've read quite a bit of books this summer and thought it'd be fun to share my favorites!

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer: My favorite book and a must-read. I have been following Amy Schumer's career since I saw her roast Charlie Sheen in 2011, and when I met Ben in 2012, I made him stop on her Comedy Central special "Mostly Sex Stuff" when he was flipping the channels one night early in our relationship. This was back when she was still doing smaller shows, and he got us tickets to see her live in September 2012. We saw Trainwreck the day it came out, and we're seeing her live again next month. We love her lots.

Elligible by Curtis Sittenfeld: This ties for first (with Amy's book, of course) for my favorite read this summer. I've been waiting YEARS for Curtis Sittenfeld to write another book after falling head over heels for both Prep and American Wife. This modern retelling of Pride & Prejudice was 1000% worth the wait!

The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger: I read this in Greece and loved it. Perfect vacation read.

The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf: A great breakdown of the Paleo lifestyle for those of you interested in getting started.

And while I wasn't one of the best I've read, I do want to state for the record that I read Andi Dorfman's book and I believe everything she wrote about Josh Murray. Watching this season of Bach in Paradise, he seems SO different than I remember him being in Andi's season of The Bachelorette. He seemed like a total player, yes, but also cute and sweet. Now he comes across as disingenuous, bad-tempered and just gross, honestly. VIVA LA VIALL!