There are lots of good excuses to avoid exercise and I would know because I used to be the queen of ‘em! I can’t tell you how many mornings I’d set my alarm a little early with the intentions of “hitting the gym before work” back in my early- and mid-twenties. Guess how many times I made it? Zero. Zilch. Seriously. Not once. If I made it there at all, it was after work where I’d do some half-assed spin class and I’d walk to Pinkberry immediately after to reward myself. What a joker!*

It wasn’t until I made my health a priority that I actually started rising and shining, beginning my day with a workout. Back in my SoulCycle “rooster” days, I remember how I’d walk out of the studio at 7:30am, freshly showered and amazed each time how incredible it felt to have such a jump start on my day.

I can only imagine some of you are where I once was – wanting to make a change but struggling to find the motivation to do so – so I thought I’d provide a little inspiration to finding your fitness.

I co-taught a workshop on chops and lifts to the new hires at our Equinox location a few weeks ago, and trainers introduced themself at the beginning. I was amazed at the sheer range of experience: bodybuilders, ex-competitive and college athletes, and one guy is even planning to go out for the 2020 Olympics! It was such a good reminder that there is something for everyone. There are so many ways to get in shape!

A few ideas for finding your fitness:

-       I think it goes without saying, but if you’re feeling stuck and have the resources to do so, HIRE A PERSONAL TRAINER! A good trainer will challenge you, change you, hold you accountable and keep you motivated.

-       Start small. Walking is great cardio. I also love reading my iPad on a machine at the gym. There are no fussy pages to deal with, and I feel like I’m killing two birds with one stone.

-       Staying at home? I like these workout videos by Andrea Orbeck.

-       Try something new. Check out these 2016 fitness trends.

My two non-negotiable rules:

1.     Your workout should leave you feeling both challenged and victorious.

2.     You have to enjoy it. Otherwise you won’t do it. Plain and simple.

How do you find your fitness?

*There is absolutely nothing wrong with working out after work, of course. I prefer mornings, but as long as you’re getting it done, that’s all that matters! I should also mention that I’m certain I still ate a full dinner – and probably another dessert – AFTER my post-gym Pinkberry snack. Lolz. Hot mess express.

P.S. Wearing some of my favorites in the photo above... Avocado tee, lululemon Free to Be bra, Beyond Yoga capris, Nike sneakers (less than $70) and MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote.