Thanksgiving is a tough one for me, for several reasons. First, I don't like the food, and I never have. You can imagine my relief when Perri came around and declared that she too does not care for traditional Thanksgiving fare. Second, and more importantly, my mother LOVED Thanksgiving which imparts me with this bizarre sense of guilt in Life After Mom. Next year we're going to host Thanksgiving in our home (and I'll make sure I have plenty of food that Perri and I love) but as for this year... it's a lot of emotions and hormones between missing my mom, being pregnant and knowing that I'm probably going to end up driving Perri and myself somewhere late Thursday night to get non-Thanksgiving food because knowing us we'll be starving. Despite my neuroses, I'm so grateful that we'll be together. 

In an effort to brighten my spirits (and I hope yours!) I pulled together this fun holiday gift guide. It reminds me of my mom because she loved when I put these sorts of posts together (she was an avid blog reader from Day 1) and she was also OBSESSED with shopping online - especially at the holidays - long before most people caught on to the wonders of e-commerce. I actually own more than half of the items on this list - some I got as gifts, and some I gifted to myself! Whether you need ideas for stocking stuffers, Secret Santa or ways to delight the various people in your life without breaking the bank, I think you'll find something you like here!


Floral Notebooks // I use these every day (you may have seen mine here). They'd make a beautiful gift for your favorite writer with a pretty set of gel pens!

Lip Scrub // Anyone else plagued by superdry lips this time of year? I got this as a gift recently and use it often. It works!

Wine Money Pouch // Couldn't be cuter.

Mint Cocoa Lip Balm // It's not fancy, but it's awesome.

Holiday Thermal Mug // Would be darling with a Starbucks gift card or a beautiful box of tea.

Mini Shampoo & Conditioner // Perfect for a guy or a girl embarking on some holiday travel. (We both use the full-size versions of these at home.)

Lip Mask & Balm Set // Soft, smooth lips for those winter winds.

Druzy Earrings // Not sure what's prettier here - the design or the price point.

ID Clip // I would've loved receiving this back in my corporate days.

Gripper Slipper Socks // I live in these around our house - perfect for chilly, slick wood floors.

Boot Pet Toy // If your pet is anything like mine and loves to chew on your Uggs, distract them with these cute decoy.

Mascara & Lash Curler Set // An absolute STEAL at $20.

Silver-Plated Jewelry Box // I love the idea of putting one of these tiny boxes on a nightstand for those nights when you take your jewelry off as your getting into bed. 

Hair Ties // I love these but find them a BIT pricy for hair ties, which means I'm always EXTRA excited to receive them as a gift.

Zebra Dish // I got this as a gift and it's served many purposes in our homes; currently, it's our key dish. (Pssst... you can spend a little more and get the platinum or gold version, BUT through 11/26 you can get 20% off at checkout with code TGIF at check out!)

Motivational Water Bottle // I have some clients who could use this! Just in time for the New Year, too.

Flex Arm Pin // The enamel version of my favorite emoji would look equally cute on a pinboard or denim jacket pocket.

Diamond Dazzle Stik // Perfect for any girl who loves her diamonds (and especially for anyone newly engaged). I use mine all the time - it works really well.

Tervis Mug // I use mine often and always love receiving another!

Tartan Headband // Jewish Girl in Wasp's Clothing. (Get 40% off and free shipping with code THANKU at check out.)

Last Minute Gift Keychain // I gave tons of these as gifts last year and have one on my own keys. So cheeky and cute!

Holiday Votive // I adore anything cinnamon- or pine-scented this time of year, and the festive packaging is gorgeous.

Car Jar Air Freshener // Even though I don't celebrate Christmas, I've always been obsessed with the scents of the holiday filling my house. Filling my car? Even better.