I have to say, it was fun photographing my food in decent light for once! It also doesn't hurt that we're FINALLY putting all of our wedding gifts to good use! (They'd been locked up in storage for the past two years as we just didn't have room for everything in Manhattan.) Our new house has TONS of windows (the apartment we moved from had dark walls and little natural light) and I think I'm really going to enjoy getting artsy-craftsy up in here. (Fingers crossed for a new camera once baby arrives. That's a hint for anyone who wants to buy me a new camera for Hanukkah and/or my birthday. Ben doesn't read this, so. Hey Dad!) That being said, these were all taken this past Monday and it was a GLOOMY day in our neighborhood. Lots of rain and clouds and zero sunshine. So I'm still figuring out the lighting/photographing situation, but this is most definitely an upgrade from our old setup.

Onto the good stuff. My days look a LOT different now than they did even a few weeks ago. I'm no longer running back and forth between work and home all day long. I'm home for most of the day, so that's where all of these meals took place (and you'll notice we don't have place mats yet...) I wouldn't say I have a routine down yet; Winnie's had a LOT of move-related anxiety (I'm thinking about doing a separate post on this because if it could help even one dog parent, it'd be worth it...) so I'm sort of letting her lead the way. Key word sort of. This week we're stuck at home quite a bit waiting on deliverymen and technicians while we get things set up, but I'm hopeful that next week we'll have more of a set routine to our days.


On Monday we woke up around 6. Right now we only have one car, so Winnie and I drive Ben to the train station every morning and pick him up every evening. We got home around 7, and I fed her breakfast. These dog bowls are expensive (Winnie has the large size) but it was money well spent. They're chic, they're out in plain sight and we use them every damn day. You're worth it, Win!


The first thing I do, food-wise, is take my vitamins and drink water. I was a little hungry so I had a few bites of Funfetti cake from Perri's birthday on Sunday. First thing every morning, I get a thermos (I love this Mason jug) and fill it with ice water and refill it all day long.


I was hungry for a real breakfast a few hours later, so I set out to make eggs. Of course JUST as I was beating them, Winnie rang her bell to be taken outside. Once that was settled, I finished making myself breakfast but some of the egg definitely stuck to the pan. Womp. I also ate the rest of my strawberries from the farmers market and made myself an iced coffee using bottled Starbucks blonde roast (my favorite - I LOVE that they have it an iced version now - found at Target) and cream.


Winnie and I were stuck inside the rest of the morning waiting on a refrigerator repairman. One of the doors was put on our fridge improperly so I was pretty eager for this guy to show up. I worked on a freelance project throughout the morning as we waited for him (we were given an 8am-12pm window, and he rolled in right at 11:40). His phone kept making a "ding dong" sound that sounded EXACTLY like our doorbell and it was driving Winnie BANANAS (she kept thinking it was someone at the door and takes her role as "watch dog" VERY seriously) so I was kind of relieved when he fixed the door and got the hell out.

We'd gone to BLT Steak for Perri's birthday dinner the night before, and I brought home this beautiful beet salad that I barely touched and had it for lunch. It was delish!


About an hour later, I wanted a little something else so I had a cup of cottage cheese.


I think Winnie was REALLY wiped from all the excitement of the weekend (long walks, dog park, my dad and Perri visiting our new house for the first time) because I had to drag her outside for our walk and not the other way around. I apply the same rules to Winnie in regards to sleep that you hear people talk about in terms of babies (i.e. Don't Wake a Sleeping Winnie, When Winnie Sleeps, Mama Sleeps) so at one point I just snuggled up to her and caught a few Zzzz myself. I finally got her leashed up around 2:30 and it was clear we were both craving some movement; we knocked out our 2 mile walk quicker than usual. It worked out well that she was a little slow to get started because we ended up out during the nicest part of the day and the ground was mostly dry by then. Once we were home she crawled into her crate and I got in the car to head to Whole Foods to shop for the week. 

On my way out of Whole Foods I became very hungry so I grabbed an iced tea at their coffee counter to hold me over until I got home. Once I did, I made myself a little plate with Raincoast Crisps, (bonus: Ben hates these so I get 'em all to myself) some gouda and cornichons.


I'd been craving a charcuterie plate and this totally hit the spot!

Ben wanted to enjoy his leftovers from dinner at BLT and I wasn't hungry for a big to-do, so I made a box of Banza with jarred tomato sauce for him to enjoy on the side and me to have as my main. I don't want much meat these days. If I do eat it, it's usually because it's something I've prepared for Ben and myself for dinner.


For dessert, I couldn't resist Friendly's Peppermint Stick ice cream with a little Magic Shell (YESSS) on top while we watched Curb! Sidenote: HOW GOOD IS CURB THIS SEASON?! The accidental text on purpose? I was howling. 

Winnie crawled over to my lap to lick the bowl when I was done, but I couldn't let her because there was chocolate inside. Whenever I have yogurt or cereal or cottage cheese, I let her lick the bowl when I'm done. The look on her face was so sad and crestfallen when I said, "No" that I almost cried about disappointing her. Hashtag hormones!

So there you have it! It's sort of funny that you caught me on a day where I ate two different sweets since most of my cravings have been more on the savory side. The majority of my nausea has subsided but I still graze throughout the day rather than eat three square meals because that's just what works well for me.

P.S. All the dishes in this post are here and the flatware is here. The flatware comes in a set and is hands down one of the best things I registered for!