I shop a lot less than I used to. In my house, growing up, shopping was a sport. My parents were both in the industry in some way shape or form for the majority of my adolescence, and shopping was an art form to my mother. She relished the hunt more than the treasure, I think. (Which is probably why she returned more than half of what she bought. She was also indecisive.) From this I gleaned a deep love of designer bargain hunting; I'm sure some of you who have been reading for a long time remember my tales of climbing through racks at Neiman Marcus Last Call to find the $2,000 Chloe dress marked down to $200 (still hanging in my close!) or the $800 Prada platforms marked down to $90 (those live in my dad's home in Miami). These days, most of my shopping takes place at Whole Foods and Petco. A LOT has changed, but even so, my lust for beautiful bags, shoes and clothes hasn't really gone away.

Another thing I get from my mom is my "Save Up" list-making. Each month I keep a "Save Up" list that's just for me - it has items on it that I really want but I'm not quite ready to purchase (with one exception below that you'll see). Some of these items are really, really expensive... and some aren't. It's basically a running tab of things I'd really like to own someday. And since I'm not doing too many "style" or "What I Wore" posts these days, I thought it might be fun to share these with you all!


1. "MAMA BEAR" baseball tee // I actually broke down and bought this one about an hour ago because I had a Macy's gift card burning a hole in my wallet! (The wallet was on one of my Save Up lists over the summer and I treated myself to it with a gift card.)

2. Prada diaper bag // This is definitely the priciest thing on my list, and I've been putting a lot of our move-related expenses on my Saks Mastercard so that I can redeem the points for gift cards to put towards this purchase. I'm sure it's ridiculous, and I don't care. If my mom were here, it's definitely the diaper bag she'd pick out for me and that makes me happy.

3. Eyelash nighttime treatment // I've long loathed my short, stumpy lashes. Eyelash extensions were a great investment last year when I was working long, early hours almost every day and didn't want to spend time on eye makeup in the morning. But honestly, I can't keep up with the ongoing cost and upkeep - not to mention how much WORSE my lashes were when I finally decided to stop the extensions altogether. It's honestly a vicious cycle, but my eyelash curler and mascara just aren't cutting it! This serum got great reviews online and might be the solution I'm searching for... has anyone else tried it?

4. Glittered slip-ons // I've wanted evening, over-the-top ballet flats for years now - ever since my wedding when I chickened out on this pair and went with the shoes I'd originally bought for the occasion. (Which, for the record, were beautiful Brian Atwood sandals that I scored on MAJOR deal at Saks Off Fifth about a month before we got engaged. In my defense, my dad and sister were with me, and, knowing the engagement was eminent, encouraged me to buy the shoes.) These would go PERFECTLY with a dress I'm wearing to a big cocktail party next week, so if you see them on my feet...don't tell Ben.

5. Mommy & Me // One of my AMAZING clients bought me Baby's First Lilly and I am beside myself. I MUST get myself the matching shift dress (in my pre-pregnancy size). I look at it as killing two birds with one stone: I have tangible motivation to get my body back and I think there are few things cuter in this world than a mother-daughter duo in matching Lilly. 

6. Reversible letter throw pillow // Ben and I received these reversible throw pillows for our wedding (also seen here) so I feel it's only fitting baby girl gets one too, right?

Wishing you a wonderful, warm weekend!