Happy Wednesday! I thought it'd be fun to share another one of these posts - so I tracked my eats yesterday (Tuesday, December 12). 

At this point in my pregnancy my sleep is unpredictable. I woke up at 2 to pee, which is early for me (I typically wake up around 4:30/5). I fell back asleep until 5:36, at which time I was I awakened by IT Band pain from sleeping on my side. I flipped over and fell back asleep until 6:36, when I woke up with IT Band pain on the other side. At that point I sort of gave up and rolled around in bed until Ben went to walk Winnie at 7, and I pulled myself up to get dressed in my workout clothes and do my 6-minute AM routine: brush teeth, deodorant, eye cream, face cream mixed with Vitamin C serum, eyebrows, undereye CC, foundation, bronzer and brightening powder. Most weekdays, this is all the makeup I wear. I stopped using this amazing redness reducer months ago because it felt so heavy on my skin, but honestly, it works so damn well I'm thinking of bringing it back. Any other suggestions?


Afterward Winnie and I drove Ben to the train station and then came home to get on with our morning. We're in a pretty good routine right now that I know will be shot to shit once this baby arrives, but I'm enjoying it for the time being. The first thing I do when we get home is feed Winnie. After that I filled up a big thermos of water for myself (I refill it throughout the day) and assembled my one (tear) coffee of the day: lots of ice, 4oz filtered water, 4oz Chameleon vanilla cold brew, and 3oz whole milk. A bunch of you suggested on Monday that I make my own decaf cold brew, which is a great idea, but I'm lazy and typically switch between bottled iced coffees/cold brews (the Chameleon, Starbucks blonde roast when I can find it and Stok brand).


After Winnie's fed and I'm somewhat caffeinated, it's time for my breakfast, which was Whole Foods frozen waffles, Applegate sausage patties and too much maple syrup.

I spent the rest of the morning working on my laptop while I watched the news and kept an eye on the weather. I also ate a box of yogurt-covered raisins... my favorite.

Typically I take Winnie on our daily 2 mile walk in the early-mid afternoon after I get home from the gym, but no way she'd walk even half a mile in the rain! (She hates getting wet.) I decided to take her out late morning until I saw it was going to rain all day. Around 11 I got us both in the car and took her to doggie daycare so she could run around indoors. Afterward I went to the gym and found a tootsie roll in the depths of my gym bag while trying to fish out my ear buds. Score! 


My new sneaks were delivered in the AM so I got to wear them to the gym. Double score! I did lat pull downs, seated cable rows, one arm dumbbell rows and upright barbell rows. Since I wasn't getting my usual Winnie cardio, I also walked uphill on the treadmill for 10 minutes. Way less fun... our long walk is one of my favorite parts of the day. I got a green protein smoothie on my way out and headed to the mall to pick up Hanukkah gifts. 


After running around for an hour, I realized the smoothie was no longer holding me over and stopped in the Nordstrom cafe for a cup of tomato soup and a side of kettle chips. Pregnancy cravings! Before I got pregnant, I probably hadn't eaten potato chips in a good 5 years.


Afterward I was off to Whole Foods to pick up a few things for our Hanukkah dinner with my family later this week and then it was time to pick up my little angel! When we got home, we settled in on the couch to do what we do every afternoon: share an apple.


Winnie only got a few bites in before the passed TFO. I also had a few Way Better chips (forgot to take a pic, but PLEASE try these if you haven't yet. YUM!) While Winnie napped, I prepped dinner until it was time to get Ben from the train station. When we got home, we cooked it together and lit the menorah before sitting down to eat. 


I recently signed up for Plated again after realizing that I'm just too tired to find recipes and do tons of grocery shopping these days. The meal was delicious - Persian chicken with roasted carrots and jeweled rice. It was really filling so I decided against dessert afterward.

IMG_6559 (1).jpg

I have some free Plated boxes to give away, so if you're interested in trying the service, shoot me an email. (It's totally unrelated to the blog; Plated has no idea who I am. None of this is sponsored... I pay for the boxes and I'm certain all their customers get free boxes to give away...)

After the dishes were done, I showered, took off my nail polish, put on jammies and finished this blog post. And changed my mind about dessert... and had a small glass of chocolate milk.


And there you have it! Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate it. I asked Ben for a new computer which I hope means I'll be blogging more regularly very soon. Stay tuned...