This year, I really tried to prioritize quality over quantity. I stopped buying cheap workout clothes and I fought the urge to purchase inexpensive stand-ins for items I wanted (like a new curling iron or phone/watch charger combo - see below) instead waiting until I was ready to shell out the cash for the the "real thing." (Well, for the most part. You'll see one exception I made - for shoes - below.)

Here's what I loved and used the most in 2017!

My dad gave me this crossbody for my birthday and it was pretty much glued to my body until I got too pregnant to wear it. 

Six months ago or so, I got a big bonus at work and marched right over to Sephora with one goal in mind: FINALLY update and upgrade my skincare routine. I'm a self-proclaimed product junkie and I admit I've had trouble sticking to regimes, largely in part because I'm always looking for the next best thing (see also: my mascara diaries on Instagram stories). Already a fan of the brand, I decided to try this eye cream, face cream and vitamin C serum and I haven't looked back since. I use this set every single morning without fail (first I apply the eye cream, then I mix two pumps of the face cream with 3-4 drops of serum and apply all over) and my skin looks and feels better than ever.

I had a tough summer, but despite loss (and continuous, unrelenting nausea) I worked really, really hard and wanted to get myself something to commemorate that moment in time. This Hermes double tour watch band is an investment but I love how it brings a little polish and style to my daily uniform (sneakers, leggings, and a tee).

This pet bowl and stand is pricey, but our old set up (Winnie's puppy bowls propped up on a Wee Wee Pet Training Pad box) was absolutely not going to cut it in our gorgeous new kitchen. I love that this set looks chic enough to keep out, and the height (we got the larger size) is perfect for our tall gal.

I read about Bear Mattress in Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine (a favorite of mine that I wish was published more often!) and liked that it was a system designed for sleepers who exercise a lot. Comforted by the 100-night risk free trial, I decided to get us the king mattress and the pillows. I ended up hating the actual bed we bought (long story) so I'm glad I have a comfy mattress and pillows to look forward to when we climb into bed each night. I want to mention that the pillows really do stay cool all night long as promised!

I've been lusting after Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots for years, but the time has just never felt right for me to invest a cool $800 into shoes that are not for year-round wear. I got these lookalikes for less than 10% of the real thing and they're comfortable, cute, and will definitely get the job done until I decide to bite the bullet on the real thing. (I'm wearing them in this photo.)

I'd long wanted a valet that would charge my iPhone and Apple Watch side-by-side, but they run a bit pricy. I looked at the budget-friendly options at Best Buy and online, but ultimately decided to wait until we moved into the house to treat myself to this Belkin charge dock (love the pink, too!) It eliminates messy wires and just adds a little sophistication to an otherwise utilitarian space. I love it so much that I bought one for Ben, too.

I picked up this curling wand around Black Friday after much deliberation over which to buy (up until then I'd been using one that was 6.5 years old and had seen better days). It takes a bit of getting used to but once I got the hang of it, it creates beautiful waves with staying power!

I tried this diamond cleaning stick on a whim and I cannot believe how well it works. I use it once a month or so and my ring really feels and looks cleaner afterward. 

A trick I love to tell my health coaching/personal training clients who struggle to meet their recommended daily water intake: invest in a straw tumbler you love. It seems like such a trivial difference but you'll likely end up drinking more than you would if you had to twist the top on and off of a bottle all day long. These 32oz cruiser tumblers are a tad on the pricier side, but I love the chic design (I have the Stone White & Black Onyx colors) and I use these all day, every day! (I should note that I usually won't buy anything that isn't dishwasher safe, but hand washing these is totally worth it to me.)

My dad gave me this teardrop necklace as a thank you gift for being one of the speakers at his Hall of Fame Awards this year (classy guy, that one). I ended up loving it so much that I got myself the matching earrings and wear the set almost daily. I love how it's simple but feels different.

My lululemon Align leggings are getting me through pregnancy and will be staples in my workout wardrobe long after baby girl comes along.

My MacBook Pro is something I waited awhile for - I've been using my mom's old laptop since she passed away and was having a hard time letting go of it - but I'm so grateful for a new computer that makes blogging, writing - and soon, photo editing - so much more enjoyable.

This "MAMA" bracelet - a Hanukkah gift from Perri - is the most cherished item I received this year. I smile every time I look down at my wrist and it reminds me that the very best gift of all is yet to come.