Hard to believe I'm 28 weeks pregnant today. I was under the impression that 28 weeks marks the start of your third trimester, although upon some internet research it sort of seems like a often-debated topic. Either way, it feels like yesterday I was 14 weeks pregnant and enjoying my small bump that made it just obvious enough that I was expecting. Now I'm enormous and can't believe I've still got another 12 weeks to go, but at the same time I'm trying to find joy in each and every moment (even the uncomfortable, icky and painful ones). Here's what's made the past 7ish months a little more user-friendly, bearable and fun...

1. Bath Sheets. I've loved bath sheets (as opposed to bath towels) since long before I was pregnant, but then again, who wouldn't loved being wrapped in even MORE soft terry cloth? When we moved into the house, I was insistent on bath sheets for our master and was happy to find this super affordable option.

2. Maternity jeans. Currently I rotate through three pairs: this AG pair (around $200 - definitely the most fashion-forward/dressiest pair...I'll typically wear these with a dressier top and a heel); this Jessica Simpson pair (around $50 - these are called "skinny" but fit a bit baggy on me in the leg... I still like 'em with Uggs or slip-on sneakers) and this Isabel Maternity for Target pair ($35 - I love these with a sweatshirt and flats). The AG & JS pairs have the "secret belly" which is the stretchy pantyhose-like sleeve that comes up to almost your bra. As someone with no hips or waist, this is the fit I much prefer.

3. Wacoal Nursing Bra. Even though I'm not nursing yet - obviously - I wanted a quality bra that would take me past maternity. Around 20 weeks I'd realized I'd gotten a bit bigger up top and was tired of feeling uncomfortable in my old bras, so I went to Saks in search of a bra that would take me through pregnancy (and beyond). This style is comfortable, pretty and not as expensive as some of the other options out there. I recently purchased two other maternity/nursing bras: this one and this one. I hope I like them as much as the Wacoal!

4. Smarty Pants Prenatal Vitamins. I know I've talked about these before, but they always warrant another mention. I start each day with these gummies and love that I can continue to take them post-baby.

5. Open sweaters. I'm really trying to be cognizant of what I buy clothes-wise and while I have gotten a decent amount of maternity clothes - I believe clothes that are designed for pregnant women tend to look the most flattering - I also believe in finding quality pieces that'll transition with me post-pregnancy. This cardigan looks cute open and I look forward to wearing it tied when my tummy is flat again! (I got a size small.)

6. Sour gummy candy. I've always loved candy but in general I try to stay away from it for health reasons. But when I heard it could help stave off nausea, I was all in. My nausea has subsided for the most part but I still crave the sour flavors and gummy textures every few days so I always keep some in our pantry.

7. This sweatshirt. It's so cozy and the fit is perfection. I only wish it came in more colors!

8. Lululemon Align leggings. One of the best pieces of advice I received clothing-wise was to invest in a few extra pairs of Align leggings for pregnancy and I'm so glad I listened. I have four pairs now and they're all I wear to the gym these days!

9. Maternity leggings. When I first got pregnant, one of my girlfriends who has two little boys told me I absolutely had to buy leggings from Hatch, but I was a bit deterred by the high prices. I've yet to spend more than $35 on a pair of maternity leggings. This style might just edge out the others as my favorite - they're the right length, comfortable (no tugging, pulling or adjusting throughout the day) and they have a full belly panel for great fit. I got them in black and maroon. Other pairs I like: this Moto style, this seamless pair, and this pair that has a slightly sueded feel to them. (One brand I've really wanted to try is David Lerner - especially this faux leather style - but I just can't bring myself to spend the money, especially as I'm nearing my third trimester. Has anyone tried them? If I had big plans for NYE or my birthday, I'd probably bite the bullet, but I have a feeling I'll be sitting at our kitchen island eating shrimp cocktail and artisanal donuts in my pajamas, so...)

10. The Squatty Potty. Enough said.

If you are or were pregnant, what's getting/got you through it? If you're newly pregnant or hoping to be, what's the first thing you want to buy?

P.S. Honorable mentions: this robe (I got size M and it still fits beautifully); these pajama pants (so comfy on the bump); Ugg classic mini (for when I want to warm up without overheating) and the Snoogle (for when I want to sit up in bed comfortably and the gray goes really nicely in our bedroom).