Happy Monday! I hope you're all coming to me after a relaxed weekend and getting ready to take on March. How has February been for you? February is when a lot of people sort of fall 'off the wagon' when it comes to their goals and resolutions for the new year. I love February as I think it's a great time to reassess and reset. I did two main things: I stopped eating all grains the day after Valentines Day and I started lifting heavy again. Not quite as heavy as I was lifting before I broke my ankle, but I'm getting there. And I am definitely feeling different. I feel more alert, my sleep has better, and I see a difference in the mirror. Last week two people at the gym on two different days complimented me on my current physique, and I really appreciate it. 

Ben and I were supposed to spend a week in Florida back in December, but my ankle break was still pretty fresh, and I really didn't want to go down there in my boot. I'm making up that trip in two different parts this month: Orlando this week and Miami in two weeks. I'm SO excited! I haven't been to Miami since our wedding. I'm going to get to see my dad's new place and just relax for a few days. I can't wait.

I haven't been to Orlando in two years and I'm so looking forward to having a few days as a married couple without a dog! I love Winnie but it's going to be a blast not to have to worry about walks and feedings. We're staying at a beautiful hotel and hitting up the parks. We're also eating at a few of my most favorite places. I went to school in Orlando and it'll always feel like home to me in many ways.

Travel is something I've talked about quite a bit on here. Quite simply, I do not let trips and vacations derail my goals. I also don't suffer in terms of fun; I let myself indulge within reason because I believe being away from home should always feel some level of exciting and enjoyable. However, veering from your routine can be a challenge for anyone. Here are 5 ways I set myself up for success...

I SQUEEZE IN EXTRA WORKOUTS BEFOREHAND. Sunday is usually my day off, but I decided to workout yesterday because I'll be out of town this Wednesday through Sunday and will realistically exercise three of those days (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). I am giving myself Wednesday off and will try to squeeze in some sort of workout on Sunday morning before brunch, but I won't bully myself it if it doesn't happen. Knowing this, I worked out every day last week (Monday = spinning, Tuesday = lifting, Wednesday = lifting, Thrusday = Pilates, Friday = lifting, Saturday = lifting, Sunday = Pilates) which I usually never do but I made it work for me.

I SELECT RESTAURANTS AND READ MENUS AHEAD OF TIME. This rule definitely isn't limited to travel; I've been doing this for years in my everyday life. When it comes to doing this for travel, it isn't always feasible but I make it work whenever possible. Knowing what I'm going to have for dinner always helps me plan the rest of my day. I'm having my favorite sushi in the entire world on Wednesday (so excited and hoping the memory lives up to my expectations/reality) and having dinner with girlfriends at one of my favorite Italian restaurants on Saturday night. This means I will try to eat light carbs for breakfast/lunch those days so I can really enjoy those meals without feeling restricted, bloated or guilty.

I GET HEALTHY, PACKABLE SNACKS. I like to bring something that's easily eaten in handfuls, like trail mix, jerky, or gluten-free granola (just picked up one from Hu Kitchen that I'm so excited to try!) I'm going to enjoy myself and then I'll probably go back to eating mostly or completely grain-free when I get home to NY.

I PLAN REALISTIC WORKOUTS. I deadlift on Saturdays, and I'd like to hang on to this part of my routine if possible. I asked a girlfriend if she can guest pass me into a gym in Orlando and I'm waiting to hear back. I also know I can put together a solid workout with dumbbells, which most every hotel gym has. I'm staying at two different hotels (one on Weds/Thurs with Ben, and then a diff one Fri/Sat with girlfriends after Ben heads back to NY) and I'm not sure what the gym situations will be, but Orlando is a big city and I know I can always find a good workout class if all else fails. Which takes me to my next point...

I CHECK OUT THE FITNESS SCENE. Most hotel gyms leave quite a bit to be desired. I know I can workout at Equinox when I go to Miami in a few weeks (there's one within walking distance... yes!) but when I go to Orlando, Sarasota or another city that doesn't have a branch, I do research to see what studios they do have, whether it be Pure Barre, Cyclebar or other options. MindBody has a good app that lets you find fitness studios and gyms on your phone by entering your zip code. I always want to be confident that I'm packing my gym clothes with good intentions and a clear plan. I'm not quite ready to run yet, but I've really been wanting to try Orange Theory.

How do you stay on track when you travel? Planning any fun trips for the upcoming months?

Thank you all so much for stopping by. I know I've been very inconsistent with posting but I will always make time for this blog when I can!