If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (username is teddisetgo), you probably saw that I spent the weekend in my hometown (Miami). It's actually the first time I'd been back since our wedding because every other trip I'd planned since then got cancelled for one reason or another (cancelled flights, zika concerns, broken ankle, etc.). I finally got to see my dad's place and the weather was amazing. No humidity and a constant breeze. Just perfect!


Vacations provide a fun opportunity for me to share some non-gym outfits with all of you. These posts are SO fun for me, and I'm always excited when I get asked about what I'm wearing. I used to write much more about clothing and fashion, but these days I spend most of my time in luon and dri-fit. This weekend was all about good jeans and great tops. A solid mix of comfort and fun. I have a hard time finding jeans that fit me well, so I'm always on the hunt for the next best thing. If anyone's found great high rise distressed denim, I'm all ears!

I'm obsessed with this top. I bought it at DIllard's in Sarasota but can't find it online anywhere. (cold shoulder top is this brand, distressed jeans, clutch (exact color on sale here) / Perri's bag & shoes)

I love the details (the knot on the tank, the frayed hem on the jeans) that take an otherwise simple outfit to the next level. (knotted tank (LOVE this and deciding what color to get it in next!), frayed hem skinny jean, sandals, light pink drusy bracelet)

I bought this top in November and have been saving it for a fun night out! (I can't find this top online but the dress version is on sale here and here), high rise jeans, grey clutch)

I've mentioned before that I'm going to start taking more physique photos to hold myself accountable. The gorgeous frame on this mirror is a bonus! (sports bra, tights

The brunch at Michael's Genuine is not to be missed!!! (bell sleeve blouse (check out the back - it ties into a bow!), high rise jeans, sandals)

Happy almost spring! I am SO ready! Bring it on, NYC! (Pretty pretty pretty please!)