Happy Friday! It's rainy here in NYC so I think Winnie and I will be doing a lot of this for the next few days. My favorites below!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

How did I just now discover Money Diaries on Refinery 29?! If you're like me (nosy af and fascinated by the psychology behind why people spend money and what they spend it on) this series that details how women spend their salary in a week's time will fascinate you, too. Who else reads this?!

My new favorite person to follow on Instagram is Melissa Hartwig. I've never done Whole30, but I have her book and just love how real she is.

Christina El Moussa has always been gorgeous, but hot damn

The most effective cardio machine at the gym, according to some. (I agree that it's fantastic, but the Concept2 is far and away my favorite "machine" at any gym.)

What do all of my city friends think of the sweetgreen spring menu? (Personally, I'm underwhelmed. #HarvestBowl4Lyfe)

Looking forward to making PaleOMG cupcakes for Passover this year. (The recipe I use is a variation from her cookbook.)

My new favorite paleo-friendly treat: Simple Mills Crunchy Cookies. I love the cinnamon and toasted pecan flavors!

Will definitely be picking up a few pieces from the Modern by Dwell collection.

Wearing my favorite new necklace in the photo above.

I'm ga-ga over these lace-up tassel sandals.

I ordered those blush pink low tops I mentioned recently and have gotten so many compliments on them. Love, love, love!

There are still some great lululemon bras on sale. Definitely check in-store, too!

Just picked up these run tights (on sale!) and the fit is fantastic. Snug, but not sausage-y.

Happy and a healthy weekend, everyone!