I always forget how much I love these posts until I remember to do another one. I really need to get my act together and make this a more regular series because you all seem to enjoy it, and I enjoy putting it together! I'm going to link all the brands I used. These are items I genuinely love and spend my own money on - no sponsors here. But keeping it real: this post does include affiliate links and I always appreciate your interest and support!

My alarm went off at 5:15am yesterday and it was really hard to get up and out of bed because Winnie was snuggled up against me with her head laying on my leg. I waited until she moved to get up (which thankfully was about 5 minutes later) and chugged a bottle of water as I got ready. I needed a little caffeine but wasn't ready for coffee so I had two That's It Bites before I walked out the door. If you haven't tried those, you must!

I stopped in Starbucks on my first break from work and got a iced almondmilk latte made by my favorite barista ever, Matt.

I almost always have breakfast at home. Once every few weeks my dad and I will have breakfast at the diner, but I really love preparing and eating breakfast at home. I cooked up a Brooklyn Cured apple chicken sausage and had Maple Hill plain yogurt with strawberries and Paleokrunch. I have turned so many of my clients onto Paleokrunch and every single one of them is OBSESSED. If you're trying to go grain-free or even if you just need snack inspiration, this stuff is the best.


After training a few more clients and doing my own workout, it was finally time for lunch. I typically have a mid-morning snack but it just wasn't in the cards yesterday. So basically I had 6 hours between breakfast (7:45am) and lunch (1:45pm) and it wasn't pretty. (Wearing a Soul tank, 3" training shorts, compression socks and Metcons (on sale)! And my new evil eye necklace that you can't really see here but I did a close up on Snapchat.)

I savored every bite of this sweetgreen salad! It had kale, chicken, sweet potatoes, egg, goat cheese, almonds, raisins and a mix of balsamic vinegar and vinaigrette. 

Random Winnie pic! Taken on our only walk yesterday when it wasn't raining.

My afternoon snack was Udi's granola with 2% milk and a Golden Delicious apple that I shared with Win.

I sipped this strawberry Zevia while I cooked dinner.

Dinner was an Applegate turkey burger, oven roasted haricot vert and oven roasted butternut squash and chugged more water afterward. 

That's all, folks! I'm going to do my darndest to make these posts a more common occurrence. Happy and healthy hump day!