I want to start off with some links for anyone living in/visiting Orlando. That city sure has change in the 10 years since I left!

We stayed at the JW Marriott, which is lovely. I took the above photo there - no filters, Florida really just is this beautiful. (#WAH) It's attached to the Ritz, which means we had full access to the Ritz fitness center (and spa). Plus, we got married in a Ritz so it's always fun to walk through one. I've heard great things about the Four Seasons Orlando but I go where the Marriott points take me, people!

We had an amazing dinner at Highball & Harvest. The kale salad and shrimp & grits (gluten-free!) were awesome, and the key lime pie came on it's own miniature cake stand.

Foxtail (owned by a UCF grad!) had the best cold brew coffee I've ever had.

Weekend brunch at Buttermilk Bakery is not to be missed. Bonus: it's down the block from Foxtail.

Sara treated us to delicious organic donuts from Orlandough. (Love the name.)

I worked out at SWEAT, an awesome gym in College Park that I would 100% belong to if we ever moved back. (We won't. But it's fun to daydream about.)

I got a great sparkly powder mani at Tipsy Salonbar

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

I was so sad to hear the print version of one of my favorite magazines, Self, folded at the beginning of this year. I've been looking for similar books and LOVE the current issue of Muscle & Fitness Hers - so many great workouts and tips!

I read (and loved) Jen Widerstrom's new book, Diet Right For Your Personality Type

Speaking of Jen Widerstrom, I LOVE that her thoughts on avocado toast echo mine!

I'm loving these gourmet marshmallows for an indulgence on the lighter side.

I love all Lorissa's Kitchen jerky, but I recently discovered the Szechuan Peppercorn beef flavor and it's my favorite by a landslide. (Now if only I could find it in the mini size...)

I discovered THE BEST lip gloss in the Ritz gift shop in Orlando. I know I always talk about lip balm, and it's because I tend to dislike lip glosses (too sticky). This one, however, goes on super smooth, is non-tacky and cruelty free!

A bunch of you asked about this ruffled cold shoulder top that I wore on Snapchat/Instagram.

I treated myself to these Nike Flyknit Air Max sneaks on my birthday and have been living in them since. (Now they're on sale!)

Speaking of sneakers, I am OBSESSED with these blush low-tops (for less than $60)!

I've been wanting Chloe scalloped flats for ages, and used a bunch of saved up gift cards to purchase this pair.

I finally got myself a pair of Frame jeans and I get the cult hype. They're fabulous! I can't get away with low- or mid-rise jeans anymore, so well-made high waisted denim (I got the Le High) is a serious staple in my weekend wardrobe.


Happy weekend, pretty people!