Every time I sit down to pull together one of these posts, I have this image in my head of that angel and devil scenario where you've got one on each shoulder shouting conflicting ideas. Except I don't really have an angel or a devil per say, I just have two versions of myself telling me that I'm ridiculous. Because really, who's coming to me for style? I spend 92% of my life in some form of dri-fit, spandex or "luon". But whatever, I'm still going to write this post!

Ben and I went down to Miami for the first time since our wedding this past weekend, and despite the weather stealing a day from us (our first flight was cancelled and our second was seriously delayed) we still got down there and had a great time! I embrace heat and humidity with open arms because for a long time it was all I knew, and you'll see in the photos below that my hair goes from looking sort of presentable to just straight-up whack. I used a lot of hairspray but my Jewfro just wasn't havin' it.

I wore this first look out to dinner at American Social. We sat outside, right on the Miami River. The atmosphere is casual and fun, and we loved seeing people take their pups on evening walks. Great place to people watch and/or watch a game. If we were still in Miami we'd 100% be there for the rest of the NBA Finals games. I fell in love with this top the first time I saw it, but waited to purchase it until it went on sale. And these are definitely my favorite sandals right now... so comfy and cute.

off-the-shoulder tassel top (on sale!), "instasculpt" jeans, lace-up sandals, trio crossbody bag

On Friday morning we were up early and decided to start the day at the gym. It was bench press day for me! This tank is lulu and fairly new but I can't find it on the website. ALSO! I found no-show socks that work with Converse/other low-cut sneakers. 

similar tanktights, chucks, no-show socks, neverfull

After our workouts, coffee and breakfast, we decided to venture out even though the weather was insane. I wore this dress (I'm obsessed) to wander around the UM campus, eat lunch at the bar at Greenstreet and see Baywatch. Which was both terrible and wonderful.

mixed wash chambray dress, sandals, neverfull

RA bunch of you asked about this dress I wore to walk around City Center and have dinner at Fi'lia. I found it at TJMaxx for 17 bucks! I found the same style in different colors/patterns - see below. I'm wearing a size small. By the way, Fi'lia is probably my favorite restaurant in Miami right now. It's a must. I love you Michael Schwartz.

faux wrap dress (different floral print, also found it in a lighter floral here and in yellow here), lace-up sandalstrio crossbody bag, denim jacket (on sale!)

We attempted to play tennis on Saturday morning and were rained out about 15 minutes into our game. I love the game of tennis, but I prefer watching to playing because I'm terrible. 

dri-fit polo (on sale & newer/cuter version), tennis skirt (on sale!), lite run sneakers (on sale!), my fav running socks

I wore this combo to walk around Merrick Park and Wynwood. These shorts are soft, stretchy and just an all-around delight. I've bought and subsequently donated probably half a dozen pairs of denim shorts in the past few years because I just couldn't find a good fit, so I'm happy I got these and they definitely didn't break the bank.

ruffle lace-up top, high-rise denim shorts (on sale!), sandalsneverfull

I found this cold shoulder romper at Nordstrom on Saturday and love that the slinky fabric gives it a way dressier illusion than it probably deserves. I mean for all I know this is a beach cover-up that I wore to Matador Room, but hey, I say throw on a few chic accessories and do whatever you want. I did think about buying the pink color but ultimately got black so that it would match my lace-up sandals for a more casual look.

cold shoulder romper, crochet wedge sandal (similar version, I actually like these better than mine), trio crossbody bag

The moment I saw this t-shirt, I knew I had to have it. My mom was obsessed with happy faces - she had diamond happy faces, those old-school Moschino happy face accessories, you name it. I love that this tee has little holes in it too, and the fit is perfectly slouchy. I bought a size small and it's a little bigger than I expected, but I like that it's oversized.

smiley tee (also love the tank), high-rise denim shorts (on sale!), chucksno-show socks

As many of you know I used to work in/be truly passionate about fashion, so it's fun to slip back into my old ways for a few days and share it with all of you. I do want to say that fashion for me used to be more about buying designer pieces that I loved (on sale/I'm a champion bargain shopper) and now it's really about what makes me feel confident and comfortable. So the looks you see above may be far from fashionable to most of you but they make me feel good and smile when I look in the mirror. I think that's what fashion should be all about and I wish I'd figured that out in my early twenties rather than my early thirties, but I know hindsight is 20/20. As always, thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you! Happy Monday!