The new year often gets people thinking about food: what they want to eat less of, more of, and how their diet will change and fluctuate over the next 12 months. I had a friend from high school - also pregnant - ask me recently if I'm using anything to track what I eat. And the truth is, other than these occasional posts, no, I'm not. I've thought about it, but the truth is that I'm having a tough enough time with seeing the numbers go up on the scale every time I get weighed. I don't feel right adding to my anxiety by keeping a daily food log. It's just too much for me. 

Instead, I'm trusting my gut, literally and figuratively, and making choices that feel right and fuel me. Before I got pregnant, I was intermittent fasting and eating a largely Paleo diet: tons of eggs, lean protein, and veggies. Since I got pregnant it feels like everything is carbs, carbs, carbs. Eggs haven't appealed to me much, and neither has most meat. I try to have greens and veggies whenever I can. The only "strange" craving I've had consistently is kettle-cooked potato chips. (These are my fav.) Before I got pregnant I hadn't eaten chips in probably five years! They typically don't appeal to me but something about the salt and the crunch has been undeniably alluring. 

I like writing these posts because I think maybe someday I'll look back on them and smile, and perhaps they'll reassure a fellow mom-to-be that it's okay not to eat perfectly and just do your best.

I woke up around 4:30 yesterday morning to pee and couldn't fall back asleep, so after reading the latest Money Diary on my iPad and snuggling with Winnie a bit, I realized I was starving and might be able to get a little more shut eye if I ate something. I went downstairs around 6 and had two blueberry mini muffins and a glass of whole milk. (Sorry - I ate in the dark so no pic.) This helped me relax until around 7:15, at which point I got dressed and took Ben to the train station. I ordered a tall cinnamon dolce latte on my phone and ran into Starbucks while he waited in the car with Winnie. (I don't like to leave her alone and it's not ideal to bring her inside when it's this cold out!) After we dropped him off, we came home, I fed Winnie, and I sipped my coffee while I worked on my grocery and to do lists. 

{my fav "to do" notepad, planner is this brand}

I felt hungry again around 9 so I sliced some organic strawberries and tossed them in a bowl with a serving of Udi's simple gluten-free granola (my fav) and whole milk. I've been having a LOT of whole milk while pregnant...


{I drink ice water out of my Healthy Human cruiser tumbler all day every day. Love it.}

After getting some writing done and walking Winnie, I got on the road. I discovered that there's an amazing gourmet market just down the road from the gym, so I headed there and shopped for the week. I have to say that keeping your groceries in the trunk of your car while you work out might be the only perk of these frigid temps we've been having. I did 2 upper body supersets - my workouts are WAY shorter these days but I'm still lifting moderately heavy and feeling good - and grabbed a green protein smoothie for the ride home.

{If you were wondering if I wear this sweatshirt every damn day, the answer is yes.}

After I got home and walked Winnie, I realized I was hungry again and put together a plate of roasted turkey, American cheese, butternut squash chips and apple slices. Not pictured: a tub of hummus on the side. 

These chips are not easy to find so I was psyched to see them at the market. I admittedly have a hard time limiting myself to a single serving per sitting with these and don't buy them often for that reason, so they felt like a real treat! Normally I'd portion out the hummus, but honestly, I can't be bothered these days.

I was craving a grain bowl for dinner, so I cooked wild rice and oven roasted shredded brussel sprouts and butternut squash. I tossed that all in a bowl with (pasteurized!) crumbled goat cheese, pomegranate seeds and balsamic dressing. It hit the spot so hard! I roasted some chicken for Ben's bowl.


Another thing I really never eat IRL but sometimes want during pregnancy is chocolate ice cream, so I ended the night with this B&J's stunner. (SO good.) Ben loves chocolate ice cream (I typically prefer a more vanilla-based flavor) so I never feel bad about buying a carton because I know he'll be happy to have some.

This day actually felt pretty well-balanced - decently healthy and not over-indulgent. I do struggle with drinking enough water every day, and it's not because I'm not thirsty (I ALWAYS am) but I feel so physically uncomfortable after even a few big sips. So that's been sort of a bizarre challenge. On this day I maybe got somewhere between 70-80oz, which is alright but not quite as much as I'd like.

One thing that's been hard for me to admit is that I've gained more weight at 30 weeks than I hoped I'd gain in the entire pregnancy. I mentioned it on Instagram and in a way it was weirdly liberating to say out loud, because I've admittedly felt a bit ashamed about it - like I'm doing something wrong or I've been eating too much. The truth is that I'm doing my best, and I'm finally starting to accept that MY best is good enough. There are days when I look in the mirror and think to myself, "I don't feel THAT big... is the scale lying?!" and other days when I can't believe how big I look.

Pregnancy is amazing and I don't think women will ever get enough credit for what we put our bodies through to bring a new life into the world. In some ways I've never felt stronger, and in others I've never felt weaker. It's an emotional rollercoaster that's well worth every high, low, twist and turn. Thanks for sticking around and letting me share it with you!