On the first Valentines Ben & I spent together, he gave me a gift that to this day is one of my favorite things he's ever given me - a Nike+ Sport Band. Remember those?! I want to say it was the first activity tracker on the scene, and let's be real - it wasn't great... the battery didn't last long and you had to plug it into your computer to retrieve your stats, but it was such a thoughtful gift, as I was training for a half-marathon at the time. 

Every year I talk about how my mom loved Valentines and made a BIG deal about celebrating with presents and candy. She always made it feel like a day about love - not just being IN love - which instilled in me an adoration for the holiday year after year, despite my current romantic status. I know it's typically an indulgent holiday - chocolate, wine, flowers, lingerie - but Ben has really made me see and appreciate the value of practical gifts. I also think it's the PERFECT time of year to treat yourself (or a loved one!) to something that supports their/your health and fitness goals as the dark, cold, long days can knock the best of us off the bandwagon. Mid-February is a great time to re-examine your progress and use a cute treat (or two) to keep you motivated! Here are some of my favorites (plus a few cozy pieces for good measure... and a few things to keep you hydrated in this cold, dry weather!)

Red Hooded Parka // Pompom Hat (I own two of these and they're my absolute fav!) // Giant Check Cashmere Scarf // Dog Vest (So you can take your pup out for longer walks - Winnie LOVES this brand!) // SPF Lip Balm // SlingShot Hip Circle (Take your lower body workout to the next level!) // Bluetooth Headphones // No Show Socks // Gel Hot/Cold Pack // Mini Facial Cream // Convertible Backpack (I love that this has a laptop pocket!) // Rose Red Sport Band // Pony-O's (My fav!) // Metro Quilted Tote (My dad got me this for Valentines Day a few years ago and I still love it!) // Cruiser Tumbler (My fav!) // Minnie Mouse Cross Trainers (I'm not usually a "Disney person" but OMG!)

What are you treating yourself to on Valentines this year?!