Honestly, yesterday was a bit of a boring day food-wise as you'll see below, but it IS fun to think about looking back on these posts someday when this pregnancy is far behind me in the rearview mirror, I have my abs back and I'm no longer mindlessly eating Girl Scout cookies. 

Yesterday started earlier than usual! We were all up by 5:20 and Ben was out of the house before 6. Winnie ran downstairs to watch him leave through the front window, and I tried to coax her back upstairs and into bed a few times, but no go. She parked herself on the couch in our living room and was quietly howling at the men shoveling snow down the block. As a kid, I always wanted my very own, real life Snoopy...hey, I was young and failed to realize that actual dogs don't play shortstop, hang out with little birdies, hand out Easter eggs, etc... but I will say that Winnie's howl sounds just like Snoopy's. So even though it can get a little annoying, it sure is a cute little sound. I finally dragged a pillow and some blankets to the couch and we both fell back asleep. Once she was up, I walked her, fed her and then made myself a bowl of yogurt with my favorite granola and blackberries. Iced coffee and water on the side.

What I Ate 34W Breakfast.jpg

Afterward, I got some more stuff done around the house, walked Winnie once more and drove to the gym to do a 30 minute upper body workout. When I was in the locker room, a woman came up to me and said, "Oh my God, you can't even tell you're pregnant from the back!" I said, "That's so sweet. Thank you!" And then I wondered if it was meant to be a compliment, and if it was weird that I thanked her. And then SECONDS later, another woman looked at me and just said, "WHOA!!!" really loudly. I didn't say anything because I honestly had no idea how to react to that.

What I Ate 34W Workout.jpg

{Wearing an old Lululemon top, Align pants, Edge Lux sneaks and carrying my Lifefactory bottle. Oh, and some of my favorite no show socks!}

I drove back home, grabbed an apple, leashed Winnie up and took her on a two mile walk. It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be, which was a nice surprise, but Winnie dragged a bit on the way home (which is uphill) so that was less than pleasant. 

What I Ate 34W Snack.jpg

We got back home and I saw we'd gotten both our Plated delivery and our Chewy delivery, so I carried those inside and felt a wave of exhaustion wash over me. Lunch time! After I got Winnie settled, I threw together roasted butternut squash and rice (both cooked Monday so I could have them for lunch throughout the week) with baby kale, balsamic vinaigrette and dried cranberries.

After lunch, I got some writing done and FaceTimed with my dad while Winnie napped. I had a glass of whole milk and some frozen Girl Scout Thin Mints. 

What I Ate 34W Milk and Cookies.jpg

We got three Plated meals this week so I decided to make the coconut-crusted flounder with curried rice first. OMG. This was so, so, SO good!

That just about does it! I'm happy to have prepared and ate all of my meals at home which is par for the course these days. I do wonder if I should start making and freezing dinners for when the baby comes. If anyone has thoughts or tips on that, I'm all ears...

P.S. All the Plated links in this post are affiliate and will get you $25 off your first two orders (for a total of $50 off)!