Before I say anything else, I have to express my gratitude and love for all of you, especially those who reached out to me re: Wednesday's post. It was so amazing to receive your comments, emails, and messages about pregnancy and weight gain, and I'm glad I didn't keep my big mouth shut because it seems like a lot of you can really relate. 

These days, when I put on "real" clothes, it's mostly maternity pieces: a good pair of jeans, a flattering sweater dress or a pretty top. In general I have a boyish/athletic figure and clothing items that aren't tailored to me are really hit or miss, and sizing up in regular clothing just has not worked for me. My gym clothes have been a different story, though - thankfully, because that's what I wear the most of! I've been working out in a lot of the same leggings, sports bra and tops that I wore pre-pregnancy.

The arctic temps we've been experiencing here in New York have me thinking about base layers for in and out of the gym. I've been LIVING in these long sleeve tops, and what I love about them the most is that none of them are "maternity" - yet they all work for pregnancy thanks to good fabric, seam/side detailing and a little stretch!

Lucy Cosmic Long Sleeve Tee (on sale!) // I found this gem at TJMaxx a few weeks ago and have been reaching for it ever since. The side ruching makes it flattering and wearable during pregnancy and I know I'll continue to wear it post-baby. (Also available in more colors here. I'm wearing it here.)

GapFit Breathe Pullover Long Sleeve Hoodie (on sale! / get 40% off with code HAPPY) // I love this because it keeps you warm without being skin tight. The fit is slim and flattering but it definitely has a bit of give, and the hoodie is a fun bonus. (I like it tugged in the front a bit to look like a cowl neck.)

Alo Glimpse Long Sleeve Top // I bought two of these last year and still wear them at least once a week. The high side slits are unexpectedly sexy for a "gym" sweatshirt, and their also your best friend when you're pregnant and need something that easily slides over the bump. (Also available in other colors here, here and on sale here. I'm wearing it here. And here. Not the best pics but you can see the fabric has a sort of worn in quality to it.)

Nike Tailwind Long Sleeve Top // I've mentioned my love for this top before; I actually own it in both short and long sleeve. (And I'm wearing the long sleeve as I type this!) (Also available here. I'm wearing it here.)

Lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew // This is one of the first things I ever bought when I first started shopping at Lulu 6 or 7 years ago. It's a classic that personally works better for me in pregnancy because it's made for girls with long torsos. (I'm wearing it here.)

Nike Element Long Sleeve Half Zip // These are a staple that I've owned for eons and I still wear them now at 30 weeks. The mock neck is SO warm when zipped all the way up. (Also available here.) 

What's your favorite long sleeve layer for the gym? Anything good that I missed?

Happy Friday! Wishing you a warm and wonderful weekend.