Happy Friday! I hope you've all had a good week and are looking forward to a little relaxation in the next few days? I have to know - who else watched The Assassination of Gianni Versace? Ben and I were so captivated by the OJ series (and Sterling K. Brown) that we were pretty psyched for it to come back, and I was especially intrigued when I heard this season would be about Versace. Ben's a little older than me, so he felt more attached to the OJ story because he remembers watching the trial, etc.

My family still lived in Miami when Versace was murdered so this story hits closer to home for me (no pun intended). I remember standing next to my mom shortly after the news broke; she was sitting at her vanity with her face in her hands, crying, and I put my hand on her shoulder. I remember driving past his mansion on Miami Beach several days later and seeing the yellow caution tape strewn about. Ben said he can't recall much about this in the news back then and I figure it probably wasn't making the headlines here in Westchester County, but man, I vividly remember how big of a deal it was in Miami. I thought the first episode was phenomenal; the cinematography was stunning and I find the story itself to be (sadly) really timely and appropriate. And of course all the gorgeous views of Miami made me homesick. I loved seeing Ricky Martin - the Livin' La Vida Loca tour was the first concert I ever went to! - and it's fun to watch Darren Criss again. 

Another thing that happened this week: I had to make sure I'm all set up to freeze my gym membership temporarily when baby arrives, and it got me thinking about how much different my gym routine has become! When I was training clients full time, I had a stocked locker full of extra clothes, snacks, and toiletry items. These days, I no longer have that luxury and have to be mindful of what I'm carrying around. My current pre- and post-gym routine is pretty much the same every single day (I'm a creature of habit): streamlined and low-key. I see some women lay out more makeup on the locker room vanity than I have in my entire drawer at home, and I respect that. But it's also totally unrealistic to my lifestyle right now. I like to keep things quick and easy, but these 10 things are always in my bag, no matter what!

No Show Socks // I'm OBSESSED with no show socks and ALWAYS have extras on hand. My favorite styles are these, these and these

iPhone Lightning Cable & Wall Plug // No matter how much I charge my phone before I leave the house, it always seems to be low on batt by the time I get to the gym. (I guess I should blame those Parking Log Confessions.) A portable batter would probably be a sleeker choice, but then I'd always have to make sure it's charged, and we all know how that goes. The plug/cable combo is the old-school, fall-back choice. 

Mini Hand Cream // Weight lifting = dry, callused hands. I always carry one of these with me (and I keep one in my car, too.) My dad gets me these every year around the holidays and I love the little size!

Invisibobbles // I've tried ALL the pony-o's and these win, no contest. I love that these actually hold my bun in place AND they don't leave a weird dent in my hair.  (I usually wear brown so it blends in with my hair but I also love the blush and light blue.)

Hand Sanitizer // I don't really like to think about how filthy gyms are... but they are. Jeff Rossen said so. It's also one of the worst flu seasons we've had in a very long time, so you MUST be diligent about wiping your equipment and watching your hands. It never hurts to have one of these on you.

Deodorant // Just in case I forgot to put it on before I left the house. Hey, it happens. My favorites are this and this.

Mini Hair Brush // Most days I wear my hair down, save for my workout, so I always have a little brush to pull my hair back and up before I hit the gym floor. (As an aside, if you shower at the gym, you may want to pick up this wet/dry travel brush to kill two birds with one stone!)

Mini Bands // If mini bands aren't yet a part of your warm up, they should be! These are great for firing up your lower body; here are a few ways to use them. I've used this brand for the past few years (it's what my managers at Equinox gave me and I liked them so I ordered a bunch more for myself) but I'm loving the look of this Tone It Up set from Target.

Gummy Snacks // I often leave the gym ravenous but sometimes there's a bit of time between the end of my workout and my next meal. These little guys ensure my blood sugar doesn't dip too low. (I also love these.)

Shine Oil Lipstick // I don't wear much makeup to begin with so I don't feel the need to do any "touching up" post-workout, but slicking on a coat of this makes me feel a little glam leaving the gym.

What's always in your gym bag, no matter what?

Wishing you a warm and wonderful weekend!