MY 2018 "TO DO" LIST

I've been spending the past week or so thinking a lot about what I'd like to accomplish in 2018. The past two years, my main goal was to continue to build my personal training business. This year, things are different and my priorities have obviously shifted. I'm still incredibly passionate about working with and helping others, but it's no longer my full-time gig. In so many ways, my focus in 2018 will be on being the best mother I can possible be. But honestly, that'll be my focus for the rest of my life. So I decided to do something a little selfish. I sat down with my iPad and wrote out - in no particular order - 10 things I'd like to do this year. I wrote things down as they came to mind so there's no rhyme or reason for the numbers, and that's why my handwriting looks like scribble. I wrote as things came to me and didn't erase or edit anything. I wanted to stay true to my stream of consciousness. Here's what I came up with...

1. Put the kitchen to good use. We designed every aspect of our kitchen and I marvel at its beauty every single day. I'm still not a great cook but with some help from Plated and my arsenal of simple, healthy recipes, we're still managing to eat and enjoy most of our meals from home. I don't know that I'll be as inclined to prep, cook, bake, etc. once Baby arrives but for now I'm really living it up.

2. Practice patience. Pregnancy has made me one cranky bitch! I disgust myself at how many times I roll my eyes per day, yell at random people from the inside of my car, and just generally get annoyed at the silliest things. I keep reminding myself to take deep breaths.

3. Stress less about Winnie. Winnie is the female love of my life, and I know our relationship is about to... I'm not sure... change? Most days I call Winnie my "angel" - even when she's slightly mischievous, she's still a really good girl. But she has bad moments too and I tend to overreact to those. I need to remind myself that she is a dog and she will be fine.

4. Prioritize rest. I did a really good job of this last year and I want to keep that ball rolling. Unfortunately sleeping through the night has been extremely challenging with this pregnancy. I wake up pretty much hourly with IT Band pain. (I wake up writhing in pain, I flip over, fall back asleep pretty quickly and then wake up in another hour to repeat. Moving from side to side with this enormous tummy is trying enough, but Winnie sleeps on top of my legs for most of the night so I have to sort of move both of us simultaneously. It's a real treat...) I try to nap whenever I can to make up for the sleepless nights, but in general I always want to let myself rest when I need it. We hired a baby nurse and I know she'll be instrumental in not only helping us get rest, but also getting Baby on a sleep schedule!

5. Write more. No explanation necessary. This is on my list every year.

6. Take tons of photographs. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I took a photography workshop to learn how to use my DSLR. It was hugely helpful (though I was admittedly frustrated by the students who took up unnecessary time asking ridiculous questions... see #2 on this list). I'm looking forward to practicing my craft in the coming months. I'm also going to teach my dad how to use the camera so he can snap some shots of Ben, Babe and I in the hospital.

7. Get organized. I was born to two of the most organized human beings on earth, and Perri is very organized, so it's sort of a mystery to all of us how I turned out to be such a damn mess. Ben is organized too and doesn't really understand my "controlled chaos" way of doing things, so this year I want to be less of a Tasmanian devil. This is probably cheating, but my dad did say he'd put together some sort of an organizational system for my closet later this year (once I start wearing my clothes again). 

8. Purchase quality over quantity. I mentioned this in my "Best Buys of 2017" post, but I want to keep saving up for the good stuff rather than make countless impulse buys. I plan to continue to invest in my skincare, wellness, home, (<--- does that count as organization?!) and creativity...

9. Socialize & stay in touch. I need to get better about meeting people, spending time with people and reaching out to people I love. I no longer have the excuse of, "I work early mornings and late nights."

10. Unplug. I try to completely unplug for about an hour a day, typically when I take Winnie on her long walk. I know this will be something I'll have to continually enforce so that I'm able to live in the moment, especially as time gets more and more precious!

What's on your "To Do" list this year?