I get overwhelmed pretty easily. I think it comes with the territory. By nature I'm pretty hyper and always have been. I don't know from cool and calm and collected. It's just not my way.

But lately, I'm having a tougher time relaxing. I think I'm still adjusting to my new schedule. Last week, my day started with a Soul class at 7AM, then breakfast, then shower, then work, then a photo shoot (behind the lens, not in front of it, in 30 degree weather = purple hands & frozen fingers), then lunch, then work, then meetings, then tons more work. I looked up and it was 7PM. I raced uptown to 7:30PM dinner with my parents, sister, and boyfriend and somehow I was on time. But when I sat down, it took me a full minute or so to catch my breath. I'd been literally running around all day and while it may not sound like much to some, it's still a very new way of life for me.

Add all of that to the fact that I've barely been sleeping. I'm just exhausted. I'm lacking my usual Energizer Bunny-like zip and, well, energy!

So this week I'm setting aside to zone in on the things that truly relax me and energize me in an effort to sort of get back to basics and feel like myself again.

Here's my short list and if you have any suggestions for additions, I'd sure love to hear 'em!

- Buy fresh flowers every week
- Go back to yoga
- Get into bed earlier
- Eat less bread
- Hydrate more

Hoping to be back to myself by my birthday. 11 days!

P.S. Any excuse to use that photo! Me napping at a bar (on the bar?) in 2007. Gets me every time. #winning