MIA & Rack It Up


Hi there. I'm still here. I'm going through a bit of a rough patch and my heart just wasn't in it last week, which explains the MIA part. 

I did want to come around today, however, to thank Rack It Up for featuring me as an RIU Trendsetter!

If you don't yet know about RIU, you need to become familiar. RIU is a site that allows users to create virtual "closets" by via online shopping. When one of the items you've "racked" in your closet goes on sale, you get an alert. Easy as that.

Straight from the creators (two girlfriends in their twenties):

"We wanted to create a website for all the busy women out there, like ourselves, who couldn’t shop flash sales during the work week. We were tired of our inboxes being filled with sale alerts for items sold out in our size & tired of flash sale pressure purchases. We wanted to create a place where women could go to track the clothes they want for the prices they want!"

I love these girls, I love their site, and I'm flattered that they find my style worth mentioning. Thank you, A & B!

P.S. I miss Blair. And Dorota.