~ I am thus far completely unimpressed with the year of 2014 and the age of 29.

~ The recently renovated Club Monaco in Flatiron is amazing. The space includes an offshoot of Strand Book Store and is attached to Toby's Estate Coffee. If you live locally - or are visiting - you must stop by. (The iced coffee is delish.)

~ The Citrus Super C from Juice Generation is a really lovely pick-me-up. (I caught a bad cold this weekend.)

~ This Kate Spade key bangle is so Kappa.

~ I love this poem - and sentiment - Grace shared on her blog.

~ I suffer from awful eczema in the winter and am always on the search for a solution. I find the majority of hand creams to be messy and greasy. The Lush Tiny Hands moisturizing bar is lightly scented and surprisingly effective. I dig it.

Why emotions are vital to success.

~ Anthropologie is having an amazing sale, especially on dresses. I stopped into two different stores yesterday, but neither had my size in anything I wanted. Let me know if you score!

~ February sucks. I pray March brings better days.

photo via Club Monaco