Okay, that’s a dramatic title but I wanted to get the point across that these are absolutely, positively the products we use the most. I get this question a lot, and I wanted to put the answer somewhere permanent. I’ve broken the list down into categories and tried to be as comprehensive as I could (racing against the clock to finish this while Ari naps) but PLEASE let me know if you have ANY questions!


{Ralph Lauren bear footie}


BabyBjorn Bouncer. I can’t say it enough! If you want to be productive during the day - IE cook, do dishes, clean, work, etc. - while still being able to interact with your baby - this is it. It’s worth every penny. It allows your baby to safely sit upright, which, I think, is really important when you want to be able to put your baby down for a bit but still want to be able to interact with them, because they’re solo, but they’re not lying down. My baby hates the Rock N Play. We bought this and I’m so glad we did. I also HIGHLY recommend the attachable toy bar!

Uppababy strollers. I get a lot of questions about this so I want to include it here. I LOVE OUR STROLLER. We walk over two miles in it every single day. I got the CRUZ because it felt more appropriate for suburb life, but had we still been in the city, I would’ve gone with the VISTA (bigger basket underneath). On Instagram I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the stroller organizer I use, which is also Uppababy. It holds a lot. We also got the attachable cupholder, which we use when we go on our weekend family walks and get two coffees.


It was important to me to have a high quality travel stroller for when we go to Florida (or wherever else we go, but 90% of the time it’s Florida…) because we like to walk as much as possible and I want Ari to be comfortable in there! A dear family friend got us the Uppababy G-LUXE and I’m so grateful. It’s expensive so I don’t know that I would’ve pulled the trigger myself. But if you travel a lot, I really do recommend it. I think it strikes a really nice balance between being lightweight and substantial. It looks like the 2018 version has a bigger basket than mine, which is also a plus (I tend to keep our diaper bag down there.)

We also did the Uppababy MESA car seat, and I love how seamlessly I can switch between that and the stroller seat on our CRUZ. We also LOVE this Skip Hop carrier bar toy.

Jonathan Adler x Fisher Price Sensory Gym. We put Ari on this when she was about two weeks old, and we’ve used it every single day since. She LOVES it. She never tires of the songs, staring up at the lights and playing with the toy attachments.

Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair. (The first picture in this post.) This was a gift from my Godmother (she got Ari the Lilly slipcover with her monogram on it) and when it arrived in the mail, I’ll admit, I was underwhelmed… it comes as a bunch of styrofoam pieces you have to assemble together inside of the slipcover… But now that Ari is big enough to sit in this, I get it. It’s not only adorable, it really helps her sit up well! (And can we talk about this madras beanbag?! OMG buying it now.)

Skip Hop Explore & More Jumper. I hemmed and hawed over what jumper to buy. There are so many choices and they’re kind of pricey and you don’t want to buy one your kid hates and think, now what?! (Example: I’m SO glad we didn’t a Rock N Play. We borrowed from a friend and Ari. HATED. It.) We’re all very happy with this jumper! I keep it in the kitchen and we use it daily. It’s adjustable so it grows with your child as they get taller.


The Ollie Swaddle. I wish we used this from day 1, because it took some trial and error to get here. It’s pricey (I paid for it) but it’s really the only one you need. The first month or so I DID like the zip swaddles, but then Ari hated them out of nowhere so we switched to regular blankets and that sure as hell didn’t last long and then I realized something needed to change. I considered a Merlin Sleep Suit but she was so close to flipping over I decided to go for this instead, and honestly, it’s worth the money because you can still swaddle your baby both arms out with this one, even after they start to flip!

12 Hours Sleep By 12 Weeks Old. I recommend this to every single parent that’s interested in sleep training. NOT that there aren’t other great options out there as I’m certain there are. But I can only speak to what worked for us. We read this book when Ari was about a month old, and once she slept through the night for the first time at 7 weeks old, I told Ben, “We’re not going backwards.” And we haven’t. Ari’s not only a great sleeper, she’s also been on a really solid - strict, not militant - schedule thanks to the author’s recommendation.

(Other products we love but may not necessarily deserve a long winded shoutout: KicKee Pants footie pajamas, our Pottery Barn Kids Mobile, Lilly Pulitzer fitted crib sheet, Little Unicorn fitted crib sheet, and my Brookstone white noise machine to soothe her to sleep.)


Baby Brezza Formula Pro. I put this on our registry after Ari was born and we began to formula feed, thinking that it’d be nice to have but if no one bought it, cool. Well, we got it and what a time saver it is! I also love how sleek it is and that it doesn’t look at all out of place in our modern kitchen.

Boogie Baby Burp Cloths. Thick, soft, get the job done. We tried so many burp cloths and these are still my favorites.

Green Sprouts Organic Cotton Muslin Bibs. Well-priced, soft, and they wash well.

OXO Tot Roll Up Bib. Love these for high chair feedings. Dishwasher safe!

{pink “hot dog” footie, munchkin “white hot” safety spoon}


Keekaroo Peanut Changing Pad. Why didn’t I get this from the beginning!!! Couldn’t tell you. But I’m SO glad a mom friend gave me one and convinced me to switch. You don’t need covers with this bad boy. Any mess swipes right off.

{bunny onesie}

OXO Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser. Let’s you grab baby wipes with one hand. Necessary.

Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station. One good piece of advice I got about traveling with a baby is that you should bring two changing pads - one for the hotel room, and one to keep in the diaper bag. Our diaper bag came with a nice pad, but this one is great for keeping the car or for tossing in a tote or backpack when you don’t want to use the whole diaper bag. It keeps everything you want in one neat place.


The North Face Thermoball Coat. Warm without being bulky. She actually smiles when I put this on her. Love that it has flip-cuff mittens. I put Ari in this when it’s ~30-40 degrees out. And while we’re at it, these mittens actually stay on. Just make sure you keep an eye on both of them because there’s (sadly) no clip or attachment that holds them together when your kiddo isn’t wearing them.

The North Face Campfire Fleece One-Piece. I went back and forth between what one piece to buy her. Patagonia makes a similar one but I like that this one has flip-cuff feet, whereas the Patagonia one is just a footie. This runs big enough that I can actually picture her walking in it at some point (mini Uggs!!!) but not SO big that it’s ill-fitting now. It’s not even December yet (at time of publishing) and we’ve already put this on her probably a dozen times.

Patagonia Furry Friends Fleece Hoodie. I’ll admit… I loved this hoodie before I was even pregnant. It’s just so damn cute and I’d give it as gifts, but it filled my heart up when I bought it for my own daughter. I put Ari in this when it’s ~40-50 degrees out.

JJ Cole Stroller Blanket. I was set to buy a more expensive one given that we live in New York and we spend a lot of time, but this absolutely gets the job done AND washes well. We also have the car seat cover.