We had a very joyous weekend over in our neck of the woods celebrating Ari's Hebrew baby naming with family and friends. I didn't have a baby shower (by choice) so I knew I wanted to do something celebratory once Ari was here on Earth with us and a baby naming provided the perfect opportunity. 

A baby naming is a ceremony in which a baby is given their Hebrew name along with several blessings by the rabbi. Our rabbi also asked me to say a few words about why we chose Ari's name. "Ari" is Hebrew for "lion" which is a symbol of strength in Judaism. Typically a baby girl's given name and Hebrew name are different (IE my name is Teddi but my Hebrew name is Hana) but because Ari's first name is technically a Hebrew name, I wanted her to have two Hebrew names, like me (my full Hebrew name is Hana Lea). It was a beautiful ceremony (followed by a celebratory luncheon) and I'm grateful so many of our friends and family were able to join us...

It was such a wonderful day and I felt so blessed, but I couldn't help but miss my mom and my Nana. Ari was named for both of them ("A" for my mom's maiden name; A-R-I is the last three letters of Nana's name, GLORIA, rearranged; and of course, my mom loved boy's names for girls...) and even though I was so overwhelmed with love, there was also a veil of sadness on the day that I couldn't quite shake no matter how hard I tried.

I slept in the guest room that night (it's right next to the nursery) because I was really sad and having trouble sleeping and I can't explain it but I just wanted to be physically closer to Ari. I couldn't crawl in the crib so sleeping in the room beside it was the next best thing. She's my connection to both of them and when the hole in my heart is a little big bigger than usual, I'll take any comfort I can get. 

We really did have the best day though and Ari got to meet so many people we love and cherish. I was SO stressed about timing her naps and bottles for the day but she was an absolute champion and stayed awake and non-fussy until the very end. And she looked just perfect in her Janie & Jack dress!

Ari baby naming.jpg

I had a back-up outfit with us in case she pooped through this one, but she didn't! It got me thinking how much STUFF you have to lug around for a baby. Someone asked me last week if I'd write a post on what I keep in my diaper bag vs. what I keep in my handbag. I do keep them separate for now because it just makes more sense. These days I wear the same bag every single day (boring and basic, yes ma'am!) and it fits a ton, but definitely not everything I need when I'm with Ari. I did consider just using a big tote bag as/instead of a diaper bag, but in the end I wanted the bells and whistles that came with a diaper bag and also it felt like a rite of passage somehow! 

I keep this diaper bag (purchased at Nordstrom in black but they don't seem to carry it anymore...) in our car. I love it because it strikes all the right balances: good looking but not too trendy and it fits everything but isn't TOO big.  Here's what I always have inside of it...

· a clean bottle & a formula dispenser & bottled water

· diapers & baby wipes

· disposable changing pads (to line on top of the fabric changing pad that came with the diaper bag)

· diaper bag dispenser with bags

· hand & face wipes & surface wipes

· mini bottle soap

· mini soothing protective ointment

· mini stain eraser

· extra outfit & extra socks (these are the BEST I've found - not 'cute' but they really don't slip!!!)

When she get a little bigger, I'll put this shopping cart cover (that we already own) in the diaper bag as well. 

When we're at a market or a Target, I just put the carseat in a shopping cart and leave the diaper bag in the car. I figure if we need it badly enough, we can always run back to the car. I always keep pacifier wipes (I also like these), hand & face wipes and hand sanitizer in my handbag. I keep a Wubbanub in her carseat and another one in the stroller pocket. Other things I always have in my bag: pony-o's and these marble claw clips (I always try to put my hair up before holding her because she grabs it and pulls HARD) and tons of Starbucks napkins because you can never have too many of those!

Other Mamas, what do you keep in your diaper bags/handbags that maybe isn't the most obvious but you can't live without? I'm a bit of a germaphobe so I love all the wipes.

P.S. My dress is Milly and the balloons are from Party City!