My "What I Ate" posts always seem to be a hit and many of you have shown interest in Intermittent Fasting. So, bam! I combined 'em. This will give you a little glimpse into my day-to-day life while intermittent fasting.

I covered this here in greater detail, but in short, I fast for 16 hours and then eat in the following 8-hour window. Typically I work out around 11 and try to eat my first meal between 12-1:30pm and finish eating between 8-9:30pm. For this post, I tracked Tuesday, June 13. I drank about a gallon of water throughout the day, starting eating around 12:45 and finished right around 8:30.

Tuesday started nice and early with a 5:30am alarm. I had a break between clients, so Ben walked Winnie over to the gym so that we could switch off, he could go work out and I could walk her home. It was almost 8 and I was dying for a coffee, but of course everyone stopped to say hi to Winnie so we didn't get home as swiftly as I would've liked. 

Once home, I had 4oz of Chameleon cold brew mixed with water and about 2 tbsp of Califia Farms hazelnut almond milk creamer. (I also love nutpods for my morning coffee especially during IF but I ran out and need to order more!)

Back at the gym, I had more water while I worked. After I ran home, walked Winnie and took her to daycare so she could play for a bit, I headed back to the gym for my own workout. Me and my BCAAs did a nice upper body workout. My butt was super sore from Monday's workout so it was nice to focus on my back, core and arms.

(In LOVE with my new gym bag!)

Afterward, a client kindly treated me to lunch. Normally I'd run home and make a big salad or omelet, so this was a nice treat! I had a big bowl of chicken, mixed veggies and rice. I ate all the chicken, most of the veggies, and probably about half the rice. It was a really big serving!

Back at home, I had another iced coffee while I did laundry and dishes and watched the latest episode of Southern Charm. I cried with Kensie (sp?) and Kathryn when they were separated after their photo shoot. I don't care who it is (I'm pretty indifferent about Kathryn Dennis) but if a mother and a daughter cannot be together for any reason, I cry. Period.

On the upside, I now have a whole bunch of clean gym clothes and water bottles. So all in all, a good afternoon. 

My afternoon snack was an organic apple and a Perfect Bar. I should note that I typically don't eat three full meals while doing IF. I opt for a big snack or a couple of smaller snacks between "lunch" and "dinner". I picked up Winnie and ate the apple at 2:45 and the bar at 3:30 and went back to the gym to train a few clients.

I got home around 7 and walked Winnie quickly so I could get to eating dinner. Ben was out at a business dinner so I was perfectly content to make a big scramble with a side salad for one!

I cooked up one whole egg with half a cup of liquid egg whites and scrambled them with some chicken sausage. I decided to grate some goat cheese on top that I just got from Fresh Direct and unfortunately that ruined the meal. It was "very aged" goat cheese which I guess I've never had before because I HATED it. It was really pungent, strong and unpleasant. I choked most of it down because I hate wasting food, but it was not enjoyable. Soooo...

I treated myself to frozen yogurt! I really wanted strawberries on top but the place was swamped and they were pretty much out of strawberries and hadn't yet refilled the container. Knowing that my feeding window was ending shortly, I "settled" for sprinkles and chopped up heath bar and got the hell out of there so I could enjoy this without inhaling it. I finished eating right around 8:30.

So, there you have it. A day of intermittent fasting. Far from perfect, but I love it because it's surprisingly flexible and works well with my lifestyle.